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watch the new eden trailer

1, May 2012

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the new eden trailer is nearly here!

25, April 2012

Mark Tuesday, 1st May in your calendar because that is when we’ll be releasing the New Eden trailer!

Regular followers of my blog will know that New Eden has been something I’ve been beavering away on for quite some time now. Well I’m happy to say that the pilot episode is finished and we’ve got some great extra content planned to help celebrate its release.


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new eden pilot update

26, February 2012

Those playing along at home will know that as of February I have been in London for three years.

What you may not know is that March 2012 will mark one year that Freek and I have been working on the New Eden pilot and hopefully the date, fingers crossed, we finish it.

Actually to be accurate, we’ve been working the New Eden series for over fifteen months now. Freek and I first teamed up four months prior to officially working on the pilot in November 2010. These first several months were spent fine tuning the script and working on the character designs plus the look and feel for the series. March 2011 marked when we first started working on the storyboards for the pilot episode.

When you’re working on something part-time around jobs, life and families things take time, especially animation. Despite this Freek and I have stayed the course and I have to say it’s been a ball. It’s still early days but we think we’ve got something very special on our hands.

Being new to animation it’s been a great learning curve for me as well. Yes it takes time but it also gives you the freedom to try and fail at various shots and even entire sequences before you succeed. I read an interview recently with WALL-E director Andrew Stanton in response to questions about reshoot on his live-action movie John Carter, which sums this up beautifully:

“You draw it, you put your own voice on it, you cut it, and you don’t like it, and you do it again. You do it every six months over three to four years. Every time you do that, that’s the equivalent of a reshoot, so I’ve been taught how to make a movie with four reshoots built in every time. And you wonder why our movies are good? It’s not because we’re smarter, it’s not because we’re better, it’s because we are in a system that recognizes that you don’t go, ‘Oh my god, okay, I’m going to paint this, but I can only touch the brush once and I’m only going to make one stroke’.”

Recently we went back and did some pick-ups with the actors and after some final tweaking I’m proud to say that we’ve locked off the vision for the pilot. We’re now working with a very talented sound designer Justin Bryant of Timesquared Audio on the sound and music. Meanwhile Freek is going back and redoing the opening titles to add some shots that will help set up the series premise a bit better.

Last weekend I hosted a script reading with the actors and Freek, who came across from The Netherlands to be there. It was exciting for Freek and I, not only to hear the entire series read, but also to show off an early cut of the pilot to the actors.

Anyone who’s follows my blog knows I’m a big fan of script readings because you finally get to separate yourself from your work, hear how it sounds and take on some constructive criticism. I’m happy to say that things went well at the reading and we’re more excited than ever.


So what does the future hold for New Eden?

We have several international events that we’re hoping to be accepted to where we will get a chance to pitch New Eden to a room full of people who have the ability to help us get the series made – namely brands/sponsors, TV and online commissioners and production partners. We will also be doing a certain amount of pitching around the traps as well to see if we can drum up some interest.

Being an animated series this is not something we can just pull together over a couple of long weekends. That said, we have a production plan in place that will allow us to produce the entire series in less time it took us to produce the pilot, a reasonable budget plus a marketing and social media plan all ready to go.

As March gets closer you can expect to hear more on New Eden’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as right here on my blog, so stay tuned.

new eden – promotional images

21, October 2011

As promised, illustrator/animator Freek has whipped up some new promotional images for our animated sci-fi web comedy New Eden, which I can now share with you all right here.

Designed to compliment the New Eden pitch material, these images will go a long way to help sell the sizzle as they say. For an update of where the project is at, check out my last post here.

We're not in Kansas anymore ...

Hamilton: Murray!


Ivana: No I know! I know I do not like you!

What the ... ?!

Keith: Ye 'ave a true warrior in ye!

Murray: Ivana! NOOOOO!

I told you he was talented right? Well in additional to pumping out these great illustrations Freek has also recently had some of his commercial work featured in the Dutch design magazine Publish.

If you’re interested in finding out more details about Freek and his work then please visit his website at

To find out more information about New Eden you can read the short synopsis here and also follow the project on Facebook and Twitter.

interview with new eden animator – part two: animation process

13, July 2011

Here is Part Two of the interview with New Eden’s character designer/lead animator Freek Van Haagen. Be sure to check out the clip at the end. Enjoy!

What tools are you using to animate New Eden?

Adobe Illustrator for the drawings. Adobe After Effects for the animation. Photoshop for the backgrounds. And finally Adobe Premiere for editing.

What style and restrictions have influenced the look of New Eden?

I kinda shift style every now and then. But I like the strong shapes in the characters. It is a bit American maybe.

New Eden Character Line Up

It sounds weird but it should not be perfect animation. Simply because it’s a series that’s limited by budget and therefore can’t take forever to make. The animation should bring across the joke/story. That’s it. If I can get away with no animation, why not? So basically it’s efficiency. Try and do every shot as efficient as possible. Without falling into the pitfall of rushing over everything.

What was your process for designing the New Eden character?

I just scribble. And often end up with a different figure along the way. It’s a trick I learned.

New Eden Character Sketches

New Eden Creature Sketches

If you really try and get what you have in your head you can loose some spontaneity. You have some idea of course but you shouldn’t be blind to ‘lucky mistakes’.

How do you then convert these character designs into figure that could be animated?

That took a bit of figuring out. Since we use a kind of puppeteer animation technique there are some design elements that go out the door but you have to do that in order to animate. It was just checking what you can do without and still have some sort of design to the characters.

Break down the basic steps of animating a shot of New Eden?

Listen to the voice track about 10 times. Until you pretty much have it in your head. Then act like a fool in front of the mirror saying that line. And watch yourself say it.

Shot Sketch

See how your body moves and what faces you pull. Check out where the actor has put the accents in the dialogue and try to emphasize that with your body gestures.

Murray Face Sketches

After the sketch I draw the character in Adobe Illustrator with everything that needs to move in a separate layer and try to figure out where the pivot points are for each limb.

Breakdown of Character Assets

I have a rough idea of what I want to achieve in animation so I draw different hand gestures that I can use. We can’t animate the fingers bit by bit because that would really take too long. So in the animation style we choose to shift the hand in the middle of a movement. That way you don’t really notice the hard switch.

Breakdown of Character Assets

Then it’s time to import it into After Effects and set up the skeleton using Duik tools.

Character Set-Up in After Effects

This means that I have foot controllers and hand controllers. I only have to move those controllers and the whole arm or leg will move. Which saves time.

After Effects Arm Controller

I usually separate the head in a separate file so I can concentrate on the facial features alone. After that it’s just fiddling until you get it right.

After Effects Face Animation

From there I cut down the movement to the basic positions. “Keys” as they call them in the industry. This means basically that you try and capture the whole performance in two or three body positions/holds that bring across that line of dialogue.

After Effects Animation Keys

You set that up in the character and time it to the dialogue. Then it’s tweaking until the character becomes alive and seems to be saying the line all by themself. I usually start with the lip sync. But sometimes it’s easier to start with the body to see where the accents are put best.

What’s your usually time frame to complete a shot?

Phew … don’t know. A shot can take two to three hours maybe. For animation alone.

Thank you for your time Freek. It’s great to get inside the process and hear how it is being brought to life.  Where can people find you online?

As promised, here is a sneak peek of a short piece of character animation from the New Eden pilot.

The backgrounds and audio are still being worked on and it’s yet to be edited for timing but this is a good example of the quality of animation that Freek and our second animator Adam are pumping out.

The New Eden pilot is now complete, so I’ve updated the video below. Enjoy the trailer!

Check out Part One to read about Freek’s animation background and his career aspirations.

new eden – meet the cast

27, May 2011

Big day last Friday. We recorded the dialogue tracks for the trailer and episode one of the sci-fi animated web comedy New Eden.

Our recording set up was a little unusual as far as animation goes. Usually animation voice records are done one actor at a time with each actor recording a range of options for each line. For New Eden I decided early on that we needed to have all the actors together if we wanted to capture the comedy of the piece and the odd-couple relationship between Murray and Hamilton at the heart of it. So to accommodate this, my sound engineer Billy can up with the great plan to set up dividers that allowed the actors to still see and interact with each other while at the same time minimising the bleed of their voices into each others’ microphones.

Recording this way meant that I had to get four actors, Billy and myself into a facility that not only could fit us all and be willing to work with our tight budget. Billy ended up scoring us a four-hour recording slot at Keir Vine’s studio in Dalston but May turned out to be a stupidly busy time for us all. Some days trying to schedule the record felt like herding cats but as I’ve learnt at every stage of this process, the wait was worth it.

After the record I was pretty certain that we had got everything but later I couldn’t help but worry that I might have missed something or failed to be clear in my direction somehow. Listening back to the material though I discovered that my fears were unfounded. The actors had nailed it. Sparking off each other and delivering some fantastic improv bits, they really brought the characters to life and proved that tackling the record this way was all worth it.

So without further ado let me introduce the cast …


Playing former shift supervisor and the pedantic pessimistic Brit Hamilton is Jonathan Rhodes. Some of you might recognise him as a regular on M.I. High as Chief Agent Stark. Most recently he starred in and co-produced a great short film called Big SocietyJonathan has a great voice and great timing and I’ve had the pleasure of working with him several times at my writers group ScriptTank and also on my radio sketch samples.


Playing the sarcastic but easy going former ships pilot Murray is Kevin Shen. Sharing the same Chinese American heritage as his character, Kevin is always busy working in London or abroad on more shoots than I can keep track of. I was convinced Kevin was right for the role when during his audition he delivered one simple line that not only captured the character but also managed to surprise me.


Playing mad Scotsman and former ships engineer Keith is Scott Christie. London based and heralding from the rolling hills up north, Scott can be often found treading the boards in numerous London productions and most recently received critical acclaim for his performance in the season of Short & Sweet at the Union Theatre. Also a ScriptTank actor, Scott is nothing like his gregariously volatile counterpart but perfectly captures Keith’s sense of mad danger.


And finally playing the Ukrainian loner and black marketeer Ivana is Jo Bowis. Actor, singer, blogger and accordion player; Jo is an all round entertainer always busy with her cabaret theatre troupe Tiny Wallop or cycling around London from one gig to the next. Like Jonathan, Jo helped out with my radio sketch samples and has a great talent for bringing different characters to life. She also does a mean Aussie accent.


Since the record I’ve been busy listening back to the takes and working with our sound engineer/designer Billy to piece together master tracks for our animators Freek and Adam to start working with.

Reflecting back on the process, when we get the chance to record more episodes there are definitely some things I will be doing differently:

Cans Cans Cans. Instead of hiding in the control room I was on the floor coaching the actors but didn’t have headphones on the entire time. The difference between hearing something live or through cans can be slight but it can make all the difference when you’re trying hear if an actor is hitting a certain tone or phrase just right.

Freek on the floor. Because of the logistic of our lead animator Freek being in the Netherlands and the record happening in London it was always decided that I would direct the dialogue record. If I had to do it again I would definitely have Freek there by my side or in the booth to co-direct. We have developed a great working relationship and I can’t imagine doing this project without him.

Rehearsals. Because of scheduling issues I decided not to do a rehearsal. Instead we recorded the rehearsal takes in the studio as I helped the actors find their characters, tweak dialogue and get the overall flow of the scripts. In future I’ll definitely be fighting for a read-through in a far less pressured environment where we can discuss the scripts and characters and ease into it all a bit more gently.

Next post: new eden – meet the crew.

Til then be sure to follow New Eden on Twitter and Facebook.

new eden update

18, March 2011

Before I jet off on holidays back to Australia I wanted to share with you what is making me happy at the moment, the development of my sci-fi comedy web series New Eden.

The sci-fi comedy web series New Eden follows Murray and Hamilton, two colonists aboard a starship bound for a new world to call home. That was the plan at least until they crashed … on the wrong planet! Escaping in a Life-Pod Murray and Hamilton find themselves alone and thrust right back to the bottom of the food chain on a strange primordial world filled with creatures determined to have them for dinner. Constantly at odds with each other but forced to work together, Murray and Hamilton use their quick wits and the random crew supplies they find scattered across the planet to defend themselves as they search for food, shelter and a way off this rock. Along the way they come across Keith, a mad Scotsman and former ships engineer who has gone completely native, and the calculating but socially inept Ukrainian black marketeer Ivana. Combining physical comedy, witty banter and gross out humour, New Eden is targeted at sci-fi fan, young adults and anyone who wants to see cool frick’n monsters make grown men poo their pants.


I first had the notion for New Eden (previously called Planet Strange) around mid 2009. At that stage it was nothing more than a funny little scene in my head of an odd couple, Murray and Hamilton, marooned on a strange planet arguing over who pressed the red button. Inspired by Star Trek and Star Wars it amused me because it was about as far from Roddenberry’s altruism or Lucas’ epic heroism as you could get.

From that first idea I wrote a sketch and then later expanded it out into thirty-odd pages and had it read at my local writers group, Script Tank. After that it kind of just sat there in the back of mind and the bottom of the drawer while I pursue other projects that I thought were more worthwhile. New Eden didn’t stay dormant for long though. I picked it up again when I started to develop it as a low-fi live action + vfx web series with a comedy director mate of mine back in Australia. Due to nobody’s fault that didn’t pan out but it did help kick along New Eden’s development.

From there I decided to develop it as an animated web series. I advertised for an animator, tried out a few and finally found Freek Van Haagen, a Dutch animator and illustrator. Freek’s take on the characters grabbed me instantly and over the period of 2-3 months we talked and shunted sketches and scripts back and forth as we developed New Eden further. It took a while for us to both feel each other out but it has been great to discover that we have the same taste in comedy and can be brutally honest with each other, which is vital in any creative working relationship.

It was about the end of February when we discovered we were ready to start work on our five minute pilot, which was daunting and I was beginning to wonder if we had bitten off more than we could chew. Nevertheless I pushed ahead, held some auditions for voice actors and managed to secure my dream cast and quickly found myself re-inspired by their enthusiasm and excitement for the project.

At every turn I keep finding more and more reasons to do New Eden than not and this spirit of just cracking on has filled me an incredible amount of joy and satisfaction. All it has cost Freek and myself to date is our own time, energy and enthusiasm. I have a cast of great comedic actors who are not only happy to donate their time but also champing at the bit to record their characters and a great sound designer who I worked with on my radio sketches who is equally excited for the opportunity and kind enough to donate his time and energy as well.

Coming from a TV production background and as someone who grew up always writing and making stuff, this has been the first time in a long while that I’ve felt like my two halves (writing and production) have been able to come together. As I mentioned in my last blog post, nowadays there is more opportunities and less barriers than ever before for people to see their work realised and I personally can’t endorse this approach enough to anyone who’s considering it.

I would never knock back any opportunities that came my way but at the moment it just feels right to be doing this now. One of my goals this year was to “get work finished and out into the world” and all I can think is that sometimes the best opportunities are the ones you create yourself.

Freek and I have a production plan and style in place that will allow us to roll out episodes in a timely fashion and both see great potential in the project. At the moment we are having a blast working on the storyboards and discussing the finer points of pratfalls, comic timing and how best to pull off a vomit gag!

My aim for New Eden is to see it picked up, go to series and to get people paid. From there I hope that it can be a showcase piece that will lead to more work and more opportunities for everyone. So you can expect more posts about New Eden over the coming year as I continue to share my joy of this crazy process.

links: obama, vampire fish, welcome to the cosmos & more

21, January 2009
There are links to Obama’s Agenda and a Briefing Room where citizens will be able to find Obama’s weekly Web video address, appointments and nominations, executive orders, and slideshows.
A photo pool of Barack Obama’s inauguration
Visit for the official word on all things Obama and then check out Flickr for how people have captured Obama’s inauguration in photos
—   —   —
—   —   —
BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Sex smell lures ‘vampire’ to doom
The sea lamprey, sometimes dubbed the “vampire fish”, has parasitised native species of the Great Lakes since its accidental introduction in the 1800s. Circular jaws lock on to another, larger fish, and a sharp tongue carves through its scales. From then on the lamprey feeds on the blood and body fluids of its temporary host, often killing it in the process.

Underworld 4: Rise of the Lamprey!

—   —   —
—   —   —

FAIRFAX Media has sold its Southern Star television production and distribution business to Endemol for $75 million. Fairfax paid $150 million for Southern Star in November 2007 as part of the break-up of the former Southern Cross Broadcasting empire.

Hopefully this will mean a strengthen Endemol Southern Star presence in Australia.
Fairfax were smart enough to hold onto Southern Star Factual and keep a stake in the UK children’s interactive company Darral Macqueen.

—   —   —
—   —   —
A sci-fi adventure-comedy series centering around four ordinary strangers accidentally swept aboard a space craft following a botched mission over Earth.  Faced with the ship on auto-pilot racing away from Earth toward the far reaches of the universe, and a dead alien crew, the group gets caught in a galactic conflict that threatens the future of Earth.

My mates over at Ish Media have been working on this new digital series ‘Welcome to the Cosmos’ for a while – the shots look great

—   —   —
—   —   —

“Angel of Death,” starring Zoe Bell (Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof”) and Lucy Lawless (“Xena: Warrior Princess,” “Battlestar Galactica”) is set to premiere as a special programming event on Monday, March 2, 2009 on, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s online video network.

I’m a big Ed Brubaker fan and have been waiting on this series to premiere for what seems like a year

—   —   —
—   —   —

“the image presented by the media of an older male deceiving and preying on a young child does not paint an accurate picture of the nature of the majority of sexual solicitations.” About half of minors who report receiving sexual solicitations online say the advances come from other minors, the report says.

You are more likely to be bullying and harassed online by your peers than strangers … not much different to real life

—   —   —
—   —   — has the scoop on the “extensive” reshoots and the fact that the studio was even toying with the idea of bringing journos on the set for the reshoots.

Hugh hasn’t had much luck at the box office or with the critics EP’ing his own productions, I hope Wolverine is the exception to the rule

—   —   —
—   —   —
Under the deal, Fox will not be a co-distributor of the film. But, the studio will receive a heaping helping of greenbacks in one, well-raked pile and up to 8.5 percent of the box office (which should make bookkeeping entertaining at Warner Bros.).

Big fan of the graphic novel but not sure how I feel about the movie, seeing as Synder’s 300 was so appauling

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ARGNet: This is Not a Game: The Novel
This Is Not a Game (not to be confused with Dave Szulborski’s book of the same title) is a novel about Dagmar, an alternate reality game designer trapped in Jakarta during a revolution. When one of her co-workers is gunned down in the parking lot, she draws on her game’s player base to help her without their knowledge, diverting player talents and energies to solve her problems within the context of the ARG.

A thriller fiction novel set in the world of ARG’s

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