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New Eden

animated sci-fi web comedy

New Eden is a pilot for an animated sci-fi web comedy following the adventures of Murray and Hamilton, two starship crewmen marooned and fighting for their lives on a primordial world after their starship crash lands on the wrong planet!


Combining physical comedy, witty banter and gross out humour, New Eden is targeted at sci-fi fan, fourteen-year-old boys and anyone who wants to see cool frick’n monsters make grown men poo their pants.

Created and Written by Brett Snelgrove

Character Designs and Animation by Freek Van Haagen

To date the New Eden Pilot and series of Shorts have racked up over 80k+ views across YouTube, Vimeo and Newgrounds and been written up in various online pop culture and entertainment sites/blogs.

Want to know more? Check out the New Eden About page.


Tessa & Adam

ten episode observational web sitcom

Web sitcom Tessa & Adam exposes the awkward, confronting and explicit moments of two cohabitation virgins living together for the first time – British born and bred lad Adam and his Dutch expat girlfriend Tessa. The series reveals just how odd sharing your life with someone can be as each episode finds Tessa and Adam in the middle of a new hot button relationship scenario revolving around their clash of culture, gender, love and sex.

Click here to read Tessa & Adam blog posts

To hear the style of comedy that Tessa & Adam will be aiming for have a listen to 3am on my Sample Radio Sketches page and watch Domestic, my first foray into relationship comedy.

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