new eden – promotional images

21, October 2011

As promised, illustrator/animator Freek has whipped up some new promotional images for our animated sci-fi web comedy New Eden, which I can now share with you all right here.

Designed to compliment the New Eden pitch material, these images will go a long way to help sell the sizzle as they say. For an update of where the project is at, check out my last post here.

We're not in Kansas anymore ...

Hamilton: Murray!


Ivana: No I know! I know I do not like you!

What the ... ?!

Keith: Ye 'ave a true warrior in ye!

Murray: Ivana! NOOOOO!

I told you he was talented right? Well in additional to pumping out these great illustrations Freek has also recently had some of his commercial work featured in the Dutch design magazine Publish.

If you’re interested in finding out more details about Freek and his work then please visit his website at

To find out more information about New Eden you can read the short synopsis here and also follow the project on Facebook and Twitter.


One Response to “new eden – promotional images”

  1. Cool. Love the backgrounds.

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