misery bear at london comedy writers festival

17, March 2011

This week I attended the first official session of the London Comedy Writers Festival on ‘Writing for the Web’ featuring Misery Bear creators Nath Saunders and Chris Hayward. A video of their talk will be available soon up on the LWF site and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Kudos to Nath and Chris. They deserve all the success they get because if you look at their company website, Worm Hotel,  you’ll see they’ve been jobbing writers for years now as well as active creators always trying new things and putting new work out there. They kept working at it, kept creating and didn’t wait for permission.

This was the great take away for everyone – nowadays there is nothing stopping anyone doing the same. Make something you’re passionate about, put it out there and who knows … you could have the next Misery Bear or Simon’s Cat on your hands.

I can’t make the other two free sessions leading up to the festival but I’m looking forward to geeking out on comedy and writing from the 8th to 10th April when the festival weekend is on.

If you’re popping along feel free to say hello!


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