a podcast for every occasion

30, January 2011

My number one companion as I tube, bus and elbow my way through the streets of London is my iPod and the number one thing I listen to lately has been podcasts, so much so that I’ve now got one for every occasion.

My absolute favourite at the moment is Chicago Public Radio’s This American Life, hosted by Ira Glass. Every week he brings you a variety of stories on a theme that is for the most part journalism but told with a storytellers’ sensibilities. Covering everything from global issues to stories exploring people’s inner lives, every episode is always a treat.

If I want a definite pick me up after a long day or at the start of one than there’s nothing better than NPR’s Monkey See Pop Culture Happy Hour. But if I’m looking for something more thoughtful and to dive into a world of ideas, science and philosophy I turn to Radio Lab.

When I want to geek out I go to shows like Epic Fu or A Comicbook Orange to get my fix. And for a more considered examination of the latest in the world of modern American culture I tune into NPR’s Culturetopia podcast.

The Onion News Network always tickles my funny bone, as does BBC Radio 4’s Comedy of Week and BBC Radio 5’s 7 Day Sunday. And for mindless adolescent humour Adult Swim UK’s podcast floats my boat every time.

Ever since my Amstrad and first electronics kit I’ve loved videos games and anything to do with tech. I’ve since retired my joystick and soldering iron but keep up with the latest in both fields thanks to ABC TV’s Good Game and The Guardian’s Tech Weekly.

For the latest goss, insider interviews or analyst on the television and film industry in the UK I hit up The Guardian’s Media Talk, and KCRW’s The Business for the same stateside.

There is a great UK/US pairing of podcasts on writing that is always great for when I need some inspiration, UK Scriptwriters by Danny Stack and Tim Clague and Sam and Jim Go To Hollywood by well, Sam and Jim!

If I have more than an hour to kill and up for a dense discussion on the craft of scriptwriting I delve into Creative Screenwriting Magazine or Film London’s Microwave podcast to hear interviews and discussion on indie filmmaking in the UK.

And finally my guilty pleasure up until recently has been Kevin Smith’s Red State Of The Union podcast about the making of his latest horror flick, Red State. Kevin Smith is still as crude as ever but I tell you that dude can talk under water and is nothing if not entertaining.

Now that it has finished up I’m on the hunt for something new to fill its place. I’d love to find a UK equilavent to This American Life or Radio Lab, so if you hear of anything let me know. And if there’s anything else you think I should be listening to you know where to find me.

If I wand a definite pick me after a long day, or the start of one, than there’s nothing better than NPR’s Monkey See Pop Culture Happy Hour.


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