inspiration from across the blogs

26, January 2011

The new decade seems to have kicked off to a good start for many writers and there’s a real sense of positivity and hope out there. It may just be because it’s the start to a new year but it does feel like some of the uncertainty surrounding last year has dissipated and people are just cracking on or starting to see the fruits of their labour bear fruit.

So if you need a bit of inspiration for the new year, look no further than your fellow bloggers.

David Bishop has an excellent post entitled “Don’t wait for an engraved invitation to write” … Danny Stack, inspired by a mate’s low-budget filmmaking endeavours, has been spurred on to take a step closer to his dream of directing a feature … Jason Arnopp talks about how his many years of work and building a portfolio helped him secure an agent … Jez Freedman blogged about Massive Action Day, a fun and free way for writers to support each other as they collective kick off the year with a mass day of writing … Laurence Timms has been giddy of late over seeing his work going in front of the camera … Lucy V Hay‘s appropriately titled post “Can’t Get Read, Yes You Can” gives loads of helpful tips on getting your stuff past the gatekeepers and read by that elusive prodco you’d love to work for … and the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain recently posted an excellent podcast “Writing Comedy for Television” where the central message for emerging writers was to just get out there and get your work read, seen or made any way you can.

If anyone else has their own success stories or sources of inspiration, feel free to share.


One Response to “inspiration from across the blogs”

  1. Giddy’s the very word, sir.

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