goals for 2011

7, January 2011

Looking back over my 2010 goals I’m pleased to see that I’m on track with what I hoped to achieve. Phew!

Last year my time was divided between writing my own projects and chasing other opportunities. Out of this I am happy to say that I have:

  • made connections with several producers, writers and actors
  • started developing a new project with a talented mate back in Australia
  • recorded some audio sketch comedy samples to be released soon
  • did further writing on Tessa & Adam
  • and teamed up with a talented Dutch animator on my other project New Eden, which is developing along nicely


In 2011 my goals are simple:

write, network, produce and seal a deal

the one thing that I felt held me back last year was spending too much time worrying about competitions or opportunities I wasn’t taking or missing out on rather than staying the course on the projects that I believe will benefit my career and creativity the most.

This year is about getting work finished and out into the world. I have a good mix of production and writing skills and a strong independent Aries streak so it’s time to stop waiting for permission, play to my strength and get things done.


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