Roger & Val, Him & Her, Tessa & Adam

6, September 2010

For those wondering, yes Tessa & Adam is still going ahead. I’m in the process of finishing up writing episodes but have been side-tracked with some other opportunities and pitches I’ve had come my way, so I’ve been bashing away furiously on them.

A couple of new UK television comedies have popped up lately investigating the intimate nature of relationships that play in the same sandpit as Tessa & Adam and are worth mentioning.

Roger and Val Have Just Got In – A new Dawn French comedy vehicle with her playing off Alfred Molina. Very English, very bittersweet, very real – all in a good way.

Dawn French and Alfred Molina, two of the nation’s best loved actors, star in this new six-part series focusing on the everyday, seemingly trivial trials and tribulations faced by a middle-aged married couple. The bittersweet comedy looks at how they get on in the first half an hour after walking through their front door. Developed from an original idea by Dawn French, the series is written by Emma and Beth Kilcoyne (Dogtown).

In between the comic situations peppered throughout the episodes the series story arc is creeping in more and more, which is very tragic and heartbreaking, so it feels like it’s morphing into a drama more and more with each passing episode. You can read a BBC Comedy blog on it here.

Him & Her – A new young couple sitcom premiering tonight (Mon, 6th Sept) on BBC Three at 10:30pm:

Steve (Russell Tovey) and Becky (Sarah Solemani) are Him & Her – a young couple deeply in love, often in bed and rarely in employment. Content to commit days on end to little more than eating, drinking and lazing around the pair are happy just to exist, doing their best to avoid the world beyond their flat and only occasionally letting life find them at home to visitors. Written by Stefan Golaszewski, Him & Her is an anti-romantic comedy. It lifts the lid on love as it really is – warts and all with farts, bickering and toast.

I see Tessa & Adam as being a younger sexy version of Roger and Val and even Outnumbered to a degree, which I love, so I’m interested to seeing how Him & Her plays as I think we’re talking about some of the same things. Of course Tessa & Adam is web and Him & Her is television and there are other defining differences as well, so I’m not worried … not yet at least.

Anyhoo, that’s it, back to work!


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