hope for the new year

5, January 2010

On New Years day I was greeted by this little fella on my window sill.

It didn’t snow over New Years as I had hoped but I think as far as kicking off a new year (not to mention a new decade) goes this more than made up for it.

Seeing this filled me with hope that I could indeed start to make London work for me this year.

Let me be clear, last year London felt like a real bitch – a slightly aging but still in-demand bitch of a diva … and she knows it. A bitch who can offer you the world but you better have some money and be somebody to be even worth her time. If not, forget about it!

Luckily 2010, what little of it I have experienced, doesn’t feel like that anymore. I am more hopeful and can happily say that the heaviness and stress of last year has all but lifted.

I feel like I’m actually a contributing part of society thanks to my job. I have a better understanding of how London works and how to have some quality of life here. And I feel like I have choice as well as the ability to take advantage of what this city has to offer.

Like I said, part of that is due to me getting a job but it was also thanks to embracing the festive season.

I didn’t get the white Christmas I had hoped for but we did get one great night of snow where I got to walk through the city to Trafalgar Square to see the carolers.

Call me a tourist but I also loved the Christmas lights down Oxford Street and around the city.

As well as feeding the squirrels!

I had a fabulous Christmas day with mates and plenty of hours in front of the telly lapping up England’s famous holiday specials.

I also spent my break mulling over my hopes for the coming year and what I want to achieve.

Very shortly I’ll be posting up my goals for 2010, so drop back to see what I plan to get up to and if you have goals of your own feel free to link to them or share them in the comments below.

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5 Responses to “hope for the new year”

  1. Mum Says:

    Never give up son, keep plodding, you doing the right thing, there is always another day to make a positive achievement and meet your goals.

    Proud of you. Love Dad & Mum.

  2. themolk Says:

    OK, so you’re a tourist. 😉

    There’s a lot of love in this room for you, mate. Glad you & TJ are having a ball, living wtih you in your pain, looking forward to your successes.

    Miss you heaps, glad you’re enjoying it. 🙂

  3. Trish Says:

    Enjoy your writing Brett, makes the idea of Christmas in London almost sound like fun. Happy New Year and best of Luck from the Cotters.


  4. Okay so one of my goals should be to proof my work properly!

    Thanks everyone for the continued support.

  5. peter snelgrove Says:

    hi brett glad u had a good pommie xmas. the photos bring back good memories of along time ago but i think warmth beats cold any time.have a great year mate love to u both u.pete

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