quick update … planet strange & couple comedy web series

17, November 2009

Last week a slot opened up at Script Tank so I quickly whipped a couple of pieces into shape to be read. One was Planet Strange, which I had to finish writing and the other was a re-write of of my couples based web series.

Thanks to my mate Lawrence, who helped me to assemble a great group of actors, it turned out to be a great night with lots of feedback and constructive criticism that I could use.

As it’s only a first draft, Planet Strange got a great deal of constructive feedback (which I expected). To be honest I don’t mind at all. It helps to confirm what is working and what isn’t and what are the stand out elements that people really love. the read has given me confirmation on what to build on and how to tackle my next re-write.

The 2nd draft of the pilot episode for my couples comedy web series got a great response. I worked hard on this re-draft since my first read of this piece at the London Comedy Writers group and it paid off. I still need a final beat for the ending but the response was very strong – two of my favourites being “These are characters I’d like to visit again” and “smart, sexy and funny.”

I’m now busy taking a step back and formulating clear pitches for the projects I’m working on, not just for myself but also to take out and pitch to others. Things are good.


4 Responses to “quick update … planet strange & couple comedy web series”

  1. feargy Says:

    Well done for getting your stuff out there. How do you find your blogging helps/hinders with your writing? I ask because I’ve just started blogging at the request of many friends.


  2. I find blogging is a good way to distill for yourself important lessons, milestones or observations. As soon as you have to communicate something to someone else you suddenly have to make it make sense … if that makes sense!

    It’s also great to get out there and connect with others through their blogs and whatnot – it reminds you that you are not alone and others also go through similar experiences.

  3. first comment in a while. good read buddy just searching through anything with the word web series attached to it cause im writing one if you’d like to throw any advice my way that would be great.

  4. Always happy to help out where I can. Maybe a new blog post no the topic of prepping for production?

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