banksy vs bristol museum

11, August 2009

Welcome to the Museum

On Sunday Lawrence, Amanda, TJ and I headed across to Bristol to see the Banksy exhibition at the local Bristol Museum.

We got up at the crack of dawn (well, 6am) jumped in a hire car and headed west towards Bristol hoping to beat the crowds and get there around opening time.

It turns out so did a LOT of other people.

The Line

We arrived at 10:30am, half an hour after the exhibition opened and there was already a line up that went up and around the block.

In line for Banksy

3 hour wait
And so we waited.

Did our best to amuse ourselves … and waited.

And waited … to the point that even my poor little camera started to get tired.

Until … we finally got in.

When you first enter you are greeted by a very subversive Banksy installation that houses the information desk.Information Desk From there you are ushered into the main Banksy gallery exhibiting his artwork.
BanksyBanksy - Monkeys at Question TimeBanksybanksy - Riot Police in Field

And a courtyard where there are more sculptures and installations.Banksy Monkey InstallationBanksy - CCTV InstallationBanksy - Tweetie

From there you have to hunt around to find his other work that has been installed in amongst the established pieces in the museum/gallery.

A lot of his material is easy to find.

Banksy - PaintingBanksy - vs Dot Painting

Some of it is a bit harder to spot.

banksy - Cave Paintingsbanksy - EasyjetBanksy - Stuffed Animal

He has seemed to have taken great joy in messing with the conservative art establishment.

Banksy - PaintingBanksy - Statue - Lion vs Lion TamerAs well as imagery pervasive in our modern world.

Banksy - Donut Truck

And he LOVES to juxtapose symbols, images and concepts.banksy - Statue - David

Banksy - Statue - Venus

There is certainly a great deal of fun being had by Banksy with his exhibition and you can’t help but smile when you look at his work.

Banksy - Thomas the Tank

At times you do come across a piece that hits you.

Banksy - Ricshaw

He certainly challenges you to look at the world around you in a different way.


All up, we drove for two and a half hours, cued for three and were only in the exhibition for about an hour.

Was it worth it? Yes. I’m glad we went and saw it. Did it change my life? No, but I didn’t expect it to. Did I appreciate it as much as I could have at the time? I don’t think so. The waiting really takes it out of you. It does sticks with you afterwards though.

My recommendation would be to go on a weekday when there might be a less of a wait and to take your time and make the most of it because it’s not a exhibition your going to line up for again in hurry.


No matter what your opinion on Banksy is, he is certainly an artist who always catches your attention …

Banksy - Ronald #2

And makes you look twice.Banksy - Ronald #1

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One Response to “banksy vs bristol museum”

  1. themolk Says:

    Brilliant… you b@stard. Now I want to go over and see it. You’ve only given me a taste! At least you managed to amuse yourselves in the line (and it’s good to see you’re still both alive, and that Lawrie and Amanda are well). Miss all you dudes…

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