current projects

7, August 2009

I’ve added a new section to the left listing the current projects that I’m working on. Feel free to check it out.

I’ve been developing two sketches, House Cat and The End Is Nigh, for a little while now and they’re pretty much done. I’ve been fortunately enough to have several mates who are smarter and funnier than me read through them and give me feedback. I’ve also been doing several readings/workshops with my mate/actor Lawrence and via the London Comedy Writers group. Coming from a drama background I love nothing better than hashing something out with another writer or a couple of actors and have been very grateful for all the feedback and help I’ve received. Thanks everyone.

I’ve also been working a very silly sci-fi comedy piece called Planet Strange. I have NO idea what form it’s going to finally take (i.e. television, theatre, web series, radio) or what the overall theme is but it amuses me immensely every time I work on it so at this stage I’m just going to keep chipping away. Usually I’m much more structured in my writing so I’m kinda enjoying working a bit more organically. And quite frankly I don’t want to jinx it, especially while I’m having so much for with it.

The other thing that I have just started on is a small web series idea about a British guy and Dutch girl living together in their small studio flat in London. Why British and Dutch characters? They’re both alien to each other, which helps heighten the comedy of the sexes thing. They also bring with them strong personal and cultural perspectives and prejudices, which is great material for comedy. And it’s a pairing I haven’t seen a lot of. At the end of the day I just find it plain funny and can see the wealth of material that can be mined from it.

Like most writer’s say, the characters aren’t really based on anyone I know but there are certain real life situations and observations that I’m drawing on as inspiration or dropping the characters into to create the stories for the series. That’s the advantage of having two strongly defined characters, you know they’ll react when throw them into something and if they do that then half your work is done.

Like I said, I’ll keep you all updated about my progress.


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