upcoming uk script deadlines

4, August 2009

If you’re like me, while you’ve got one eye on your latest script you’ve got the other on upcoming play and screenplay submission deadlines.

For the most part these opportunities are great motivators to get something completed and out in the world. But they can also seriously mess you up, especially if you find yourself at the last minute desperately trying to shoe-horn your latest script (that’s only a 2nd draft and is riddled with serious character flaws) into some sort of shape that resembles the submission guidelines. I’ve done this. One too many times. And it never turns out well.

My solution, know what deadlines are coming up nice and early, that way you can pick and choose which ones suits you and your writing. Granted, this can also lead to procrastinating or being overwhelmed by too many options and if this is the case then you’re just going to have to wait until your undiscovered genius is … um … discovered … somehow.

Anyhoo, for the rest of us we just have to bite the bullet send off our babies to the slaughter. So with this mixed metaphor in mind, I thought I would list the sites that I currently use to track upcoming submission deadlines. If you know of any others, please feel free to share.

BBC Writers Room




The London Comedy Writers


Some other deadlines that may not be on these lists are:

The Sitcom Trials


Sitcom Saturday


Sequel to Cannes Film Script Competition

http://www.prequel.biz/ (as reported by Lucy at Write Here, Write Now)

The Liverpool International One-Act Play Festival


There you go, now you’ve got no excuse, get writing.

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