danny stack & the twitter short film fund

2, June 2009

For those not in the know, Danny Stack is a UK screenwriter, well-regarded blogger and short filmmaker. He recently shot a short, Origin, (which I blogged about here a while ago) that was partly funded by his blog / twitter followers and fans. Now he’s putting out the word again for post production/completion funding to get his short the rest of the way:

The Twitter Short Film Fund was born! Of course, I know there are plenty of other short film funding schemes worthy of your contribution but I thought £5 wasn’t an unreasonable sum to request especially as you get the booklet ‘Get Your Movie Made’ which lists the contact details & personnel of the leading UK film companies.

If you’d like some of that action, simply pledge your £5 to dstack30 at hotmail . com and I’ll only collect the money once I reach the Twitter target of £1,000. £1,000 is only a fifth of the money I need to complete the film but it will go a LONG way in helping me get across the financial finish line. If you’d like to contribute more than £5 (the £50 Associate Producer, £25 Special Thanks and £10 Thanks options are still open), then email me for the details.

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