writing update

17, May 2009

I went to my first London Comedy Writers Group on Tuesday and quite liked it. It’s a very friendly well run group made up of a mix of hobbyists and amateur/am-pro writers. On the night I went there was somewhere between 15-20 people there to listen to  two sketches and a draft of a half hour sitcom be read. One of the sketches was submitted by someone completely new to the group and to comedy writing and she was given just as much support and respect as everyone else in the group, which was good to see.

This coming Tuesday is Sketchageddon, where fifteen sketches will be read and critiqued. I’ve got one in there, which is a bit nerve racking but I’m looking forward to it more than anything. I’m also looking forward to hearing the variety of material that the other writers come up with. I’ve committed to attending the group for at least 3-4 meetings to see how it goes.

This week TJ, Lawrence and I also did another day of Z1 DV camera training, this time by ourselves. We hired a camera from a local guy and spent the day practicing our shooting and trying out different techniques. It was great to re-enforce what we had learnt and we all now feel confident in our abilities.

I’m back on the saddle and writing again. I’m working on ten-page comedy script that I hope to later take to my writer’s group to get feedback. I’m pretty sure I haven’t been selected by the BBC’s Writers Academy, which to be honest isn’t a surprise. The standard is very high and I wasn’t overly confident in my submission.

I’m currently waiting to hear what projects get selected for Channel 4’s Coming Up scheme. I have no idea when the decision will be made, so it’s a bit maddening at the moment. It’s the one submission I did during April that I feel confident and proud of. Apart from that I might one other project that might be developing further but I don’t want to jinx it just yet, so I’m going to keep it under my hat for now.

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