writing submissions … finally done

10, May 2009

April if finally over and I’ve got my three major writing submissions finally in – Channel 4’s Coming Up, the BCC‘s College of Comedy and the BBC’s Writers Academy. It was an incredibly hard month; much more challenging than I expected. Despite that, opportunities like these are part of the reason I came to the UK so that’s reason enough to be happy … you would think.

I’m extremely happy with the pitch that I submitted to Channel 4’s Coming Up scheme. For Coming Up I had to pitch a half-hour film for TV that could be shot on a limited budget in four days. If Channel 4 doesn’t pick it up then I’m definitely going to develop it further into a short play or short film.

When it came to the College of Comedy, I choked. I know I didn’t get selected because they have already whittled down the 650 entries to 12, out of which they will eventually select 6. When I came to write my submission I quickly found that it just wasn’t working. I tried a lot of options, took advice from people I trusted, tried to punch up the funny but I just couldn’t get it to work.

The thing that kills me is that about half way through this process I thought of switching to another project but didn’t. This other project wasn’t as developed but was was much simpler and I think at the very least … funny. But I felt committed to my original idea and wanted to see it through. I thought with enough effort I could make it work but all I ended up doing was rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic. I should have trusted my gut and switched, at the very least I would have been happier with what I submitted.

For my third and final submission, the Writers Academy, I had to submit an entire piece of work and so put in a re-write of a web series I had completed last year. With the Writers Academy the first ten pages are the most important because that is what they read to cull down to the initial short list. My first ten pages are strong; I know that. How I go with the rest, I don’t know. The Writers Academy is probably the hardest to crack out of these three opportunities so I don’t know what my chances are.

My Stars said recently that by Mid-May I should see a project finally realised, which is around the same time that I should hear how I go with Channel 4 and the BBC. Fingers crossed till then …

I’ll be blogging more regularly from now on, now that this huge workload is finally done. I hope to regale you all with more tales of London life as well as my experience tappy tap tap tapping my way to writing success.

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4 Responses to “writing submissions … finally done”

  1. Gregory Stewart Says:

    Don’t be bummed about the College of Comedy thing…you’ve got time now to work on the other project and have it ready for next year, right? And it’s important to know that you can push something through to the end even when it’s not going so well, instead of abandoning it. Maybe that’s what separates a real writer from a dilettante (did I spell that right?)

  2. Lesley Says:

    Hey Brett, hard work is really the best part of this process – though it doesn’t seem like it when you’re in it. Forcing the creative muscles to work and producing something to completion is, as your friend above wrote, what separates the professionals from the hacks. So, well done, Bravo, and keep going – I know I’ll see your name scrolling by very soon.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement guys, appreciate it. I promise, I’m powering forward this week.

  4. […] writing submissions … finally done […]

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