ed brubaker’s angel of death

3, March 2009

It’s finally here, the much awaited Angel of Death web series from writer Ed Brubaker and director Paul Etheredge.

I am a HUGE Ed Brubaker fan and count his Sleeper and Criminal comic book series as some of the best fiction I’ve ever read. I’m not necessarily a crime fiction buff, I just find Brubaker to be a very talented writer who can marry great storytelling and characters with compelling scenarios and great action. If you get a chance also check out his re-boot of marvel’s The Immortal Iron Fist – great stuff.

The title character of the series, Eve, is played by Zoe Bell, a New Zealand born stunt woman who starred in Tarantino’s Death Proof, was Lucy Lawless‘ stunt double on Xena and stunt doubled for Uma Thurman‘s in the Kill Bill flicks. Check her out, she does a fine job kicking butt on all fronts. And I have to say it’s nice to see they haven’t tried to make her do an accent. For that alone they get points in my book. She may not be Australian but you wait, in true Aussie fashion we’ll be claiming her as our own in no time at all.

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2 Responses to “ed brubaker’s angel of death”

  1. Gregory Stewart Says:

    That video is no longer available, it seems. Pity.

  2. It might be a geo-zone problem but it seems that I can no longer watch ‘Angel of Death’ on Crackle from the UK. It’s exclusive to Crackle so at the moment I don’t know where else to see it. If I find out more I’ll report back.

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