friday papers

21, February 2009

In the next week of two I’ll be posting some updates about leaving Melbourne and my experiences so far here in London but in the meantime I thought I would give you a bit of fun on a Friday and let you know what I’ve learnt from the papers today.

Here’s the papers I bought:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And here’s what I learnt:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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11 Responses to “friday papers”

  1. Malcolm Says:

    So which paper will you buy again? 😉
    Extra homework for bonus marks: Report on how English-centric the pocket history of the world is and see if they still reckon the English discovered Australia.

    Great to see your street and house, not to mention the London winter!

  2. themolk Says:

    Ahhh… The Sun. All Class. BTW, nice self-censorship of Ruth. Remember she got paid to put them out for everyone! 😉

    To quote Groundskeeper Willie: “I looooove amateur video, and your video is as amateur as I’ve ever seen.” Well done & good work – you’re inspiring me – I must vLog also…

  3. themolk Says:


    Are you kidding me? Has The Sun got it all wrong? Say it ain’t so?!…

  4. Lesley Says:

    Great to see you – please send more vids of London with your commentary, I loved the newspaper analysis and now have the Standard’s feed on my google page!

  5. Trish Says:

    Hi Brett;
    Mum, that’s Marie to you couldn’t stop laughing at you comments about the flight and was absolutely amazed at your newspaper videos

  6. I too can’t believe that the Sun have it all wrong about Atlantis so I won’t be buying that paper again. I think The Guardian will be my paper of choice as I also listen to several podcasts of theirs which are great. And I think I’ll keep buying the Evening Standard on a Friday.

    I’m glad everyone’s enjoying the silliness, there will probably be more to come …

  7. Gregory Stewart Says:

    What I can’t believe is that you would mention the page 3 girl but only give me a quick glimpse of just her face, and not even zoom in on the whole picture. You are a bastard.

    So it’s NOT Atlantis? Darn!

  8. amanda Says:

    Youve done it! My other tip was live in a house with a blue door. It makes it look very London and all my blue door houses in London gave me good luck!

  9. amanda Says:

    Ok. im going to clariy the friday newspaper thing. Youve got to get the Evening Standard on a Friday (not the Independent) because it has this great little magazine in it…flick to the last page and it will be a well known face telling you their favourite london haunts which is good for tips on places youve never been before.
    I bet you were wondering what on earth was in The Independent on a Friday!
    Hope you’re not too cold!

  10. amanda Says:

    oops – its late and i didnt watch the video corectly – glad youre enjoying the evening standard. its one of the weird things I miss so much about London – and its only 40p!

  11. I did end up buying the Evening Standard (I think I mention it in my second vid) a couple of Friday’s now. I’ll keep an eye out for the last page, sounds like a good suggestion. I like the Guardian on a Saturday and their Sunday paper, The Observer, is a great read.

    I’ll keep the Blue Door thing in mind, although at the moment I’d just settle for a place that wasn’t a dog box that doesn’t cost half a week’s wages – not that I’m earning anything at the moment – but I live in hope.

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