thank you

11, February 2009

I’m at the airport waiting to board the plane to London and am overwhelmed by everyone’s messages of love and support.

Thank you to my friends. None of who said this was a crazy idea and for…

Your wishes:

Wishing upgrades on you both and if no upgrades available may you get the aisle seats with plenty of leg room, and hours and hours of sleep!!!

Your tips:

Read the Evening Standard on a Friday, log on to DigitalSpy often, get a MINI A-Z so you’re not carting a brick around with you, don’t live in Zone 1 (nowhere to get groceries on a weekend apart from the markets), visit Borough market on a Saturday morning, sit in Borders on a rainy afternoon – they never know how long you’ve read Morebeen there, go to the Belgian Beer Cafe in Covent Garden on a Sunday, walk between tube stops in zone 1 – its quicker than getting on and off, stay clear of Hampsted Heath at night – you might get picked up, leave everywhere at 12:07 so you catch the last tube home.

Your understanding:

You must be feeling all kinds of things, I imagine – excitement, glee, nervousness, uncertainty, perhaps some trepidation. Maybe a little sorrow? And probably some exhaustion.  It’s great that you’ve got each other to lean on for support and empathy … opportunities will come your way, I’m certain.  I look forward to hearing/reading about your triumphs and adventures.

And your special messages of hope (like this one from my Japanese friend):

Big time isn’t it hey?
You sound your motivation and your decision … all put together, looking to new direction where you can achieve things you could ever imagine you could do in the new land. Yeah you are going to discover a lot of things that make you grow up for sure.
Hey man, lets cross our fingers for the bright future!!

Thank you to my extended family. No matter when or where I’ve been in my life I’ve always felt welcomed with open arms and a part of the family. Thank you for taking me in when I needed somewhere to stay, for feeding me when I needed a good meal and for not telling the parents what I got up to when they weren’t looking.

Thank you to my brother, my sister-in-law and my little nephew. The three of you are such seasoned travellers and have been a wonderful source of enthusiasm and inspiration. Thank you for safe guarding my most precious of possessions – photo albums, childhood memories, family heirlooms and seven years of tax receipts.

And finally, thank you to mum and dad. You both came to Australia with next to nothing seeking a new life, so you know what I’m about to going through. You always instilled in me to do what I loved and to embrace travel and adventure. Thank you for missing us already and yet still encouraging us to go.

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4 Responses to “thank you”

  1. Lesley Says:

    Hopefully you are in London by the time you read this, safe and sound and tired. I am so excited for you both – I’ve been dreaming of London, strange dreams of taxis and pubs and Arsenal FC. I watched the whole 2 seasons and a Christmas special of Gavin and Stacey thanks to you!! Can’t wait for season 3. Can’t wait to find out where you’ll live and work either. Love and best wishes to you both.

  2. Charlie Gregory Says:

    Have you been on the London eye yet! Through the eyes of a child this is the most important thing for you to do in London, so if all goes tits up but you have done this then you have conquered all. Will Skype you v. soon. xxxxx love C, W. C & T xxxx

  3. We’ve reached London after a flight that was one part horrendous and one part great. Seen a bit of snow already.

    Thanks for your messages.

    Glad to be of help Lesley, I’m looking forward to watching Gavin & Stacey as well here.

    Not sure I’ll get on the London Eye, scared of heights! Did look out the window as we flew into England though, which is a big achievement for me.

  4. themolk Says:

    Go get ’em, Tiger… Will be in touch soon…

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