snowing in london

3, February 2009

It’s snowing in London and 40+ degrees in Melbourne – guess where I want to be …

Apparently it’s the coldest winter for thirty years and the heaviest London snow fall since 2003. There has already been 5 to 6 inches of snow fall and more is predicted for the coming week.

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My mates there have been trapped at home because all the public transport has ground to a halt. People haven’t been able to get to work or in and out of airports.

London Airport snowed in 1London airport snowed in 2The heaviest snowfall to hit England since 1991 has caused severe disruption to flights today, leading to 650 cancellations at Heathrow. There are no services on the Heathrow Express and a limited service on the Gatwick Express. The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for much of Great Britain. Up to 10cm of snow has fallen in Greater London.

via Heavy snow halts flights from London.

But it’s nice to see that not everyone is all doom and gloom:

London SnowIsn’t the snow glorious? Do not misunderstand me. Broken hips, missed flights, lost income are no joke. Yet the children have it right: the snow is beautiful and fun, and the disruption it causes is quite proper. Snow is meant to be anarchic.

It is like the Blitz, without the death and destruction. Those who walked a long way to get to work yesterday found strangers talking to them. Travellers swapped stories. There was a helping hand for the elderly. Then there was a new element since the snows of 1991: the mobile phone camera. Most people soon had instant images of the children’s delight and the snowy black trees.

via Snow brings out the best of British – Telegraph.

To me it’s still a novelty and I would love to be there right now to experience it firsthand – to throw snowballs, make a snow man, write my name … what could be better?

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2 Responses to “snowing in london”

  1. Just one more video … from The Guardian newspaper website of people living it up in the snow on Primrose Hill

  2. themolk Says:

    Looks like a great place to visit… wouldn’t want to live there… 😉

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