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21, January 2009
There are links to Obama’s Agenda and a Briefing Room where citizens will be able to find Obama’s weekly Web video address, appointments and nominations, executive orders, and slideshows.
A photo pool of Barack Obama’s inauguration
Visit for the official word on all things Obama and then check out Flickr for how people have captured Obama’s inauguration in photos
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BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Sex smell lures ‘vampire’ to doom
The sea lamprey, sometimes dubbed the “vampire fish”, has parasitised native species of the Great Lakes since its accidental introduction in the 1800s. Circular jaws lock on to another, larger fish, and a sharp tongue carves through its scales. From then on the lamprey feeds on the blood and body fluids of its temporary host, often killing it in the process.

Underworld 4: Rise of the Lamprey!

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FAIRFAX Media has sold its Southern Star television production and distribution business to Endemol for $75 million. Fairfax paid $150 million for Southern Star in November 2007 as part of the break-up of the former Southern Cross Broadcasting empire.

Hopefully this will mean a strengthen Endemol Southern Star presence in Australia.
Fairfax were smart enough to hold onto Southern Star Factual and keep a stake in the UK children’s interactive company Darral Macqueen.

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A sci-fi adventure-comedy series centering around four ordinary strangers accidentally swept aboard a space craft following a botched mission over Earth.  Faced with the ship on auto-pilot racing away from Earth toward the far reaches of the universe, and a dead alien crew, the group gets caught in a galactic conflict that threatens the future of Earth.

My mates over at Ish Media have been working on this new digital series ‘Welcome to the Cosmos’ for a while – the shots look great

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“Angel of Death,” starring Zoe Bell (Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof”) and Lucy Lawless (“Xena: Warrior Princess,” “Battlestar Galactica”) is set to premiere as a special programming event on Monday, March 2, 2009 on, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s online video network.

I’m a big Ed Brubaker fan and have been waiting on this series to premiere for what seems like a year

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“the image presented by the media of an older male deceiving and preying on a young child does not paint an accurate picture of the nature of the majority of sexual solicitations.” About half of minors who report receiving sexual solicitations online say the advances come from other minors, the report says.

You are more likely to be bullying and harassed online by your peers than strangers … not much different to real life

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—   —   — has the scoop on the “extensive” reshoots and the fact that the studio was even toying with the idea of bringing journos on the set for the reshoots.

Hugh hasn’t had much luck at the box office or with the critics EP’ing his own productions, I hope Wolverine is the exception to the rule

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Under the deal, Fox will not be a co-distributor of the film. But, the studio will receive a heaping helping of greenbacks in one, well-raked pile and up to 8.5 percent of the box office (which should make bookkeeping entertaining at Warner Bros.).

Big fan of the graphic novel but not sure how I feel about the movie, seeing as Synder’s 300 was so appauling

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ARGNet: This is Not a Game: The Novel
This Is Not a Game (not to be confused with Dave Szulborski’s book of the same title) is a novel about Dagmar, an alternate reality game designer trapped in Jakarta during a revolution. When one of her co-workers is gunned down in the parking lot, she draws on her game’s player base to help her without their knowledge, diverting player talents and energies to solve her problems within the context of the ARG.

A thriller fiction novel set in the world of ARG’s

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