goals for 2009

17, January 2009

Taking a leaf out of Kent Nichols, Danny Stack and my mate Steve’s book, I’ll revisit these goals around this same time next year and report on how I went.


  • Find a borough and a flat in the UK I can call home
  • Maintain a blog for the entire year
  • Make London friends
  • Stay in contact with Australian friends and family every month
  • Keep up exercise three times a week
  • Take better photos
  • Cook more (does not include heating, frying or zapping)
  • Travel


  • Land an opportunity in the UK that I couldn’t get in Australia
  • Secure a screenwriting agent in the UK
  • Complete three original works
  • Practice pitching
  • Network

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3 Responses to “goals for 2009”

  1. Barb Says:

    I look forward to hearing of your adventures!
    B x

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  3. […] them and actually getting something finished – which is all getting me closer towards my goals for this […]

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