a life slowly disassembling

12, January 2009

I’m here waiting in Melbourne before the big move to London and got to thinking, this is quite unlike any other move I’ve ever experienced. I’ve moved house countless times and interstate three times now but this will be the first time I’ve moved internationally.

Moving is usually a mad rush. First it’s the two to three day window to get everything frantically packed up into boxes and shipped off to your new place as you scrub walls, clean out the bathroom grout and wonder if those scratches on the floor were there all along.

Then it’s a matter of frantically unpacking at your new place and trying to make it feel like home, with your “stuff” (the one constant in your life) occupying this new space like strangers at a party and making you wonder, “What’s that doing here?” or “Who brought that?”

This move is much different. I don’t have a set date yet. Probably mid February. I think.

I’m taking very little and so gifting a lot of my stuff to friends and family. If they can come pick it up they can have it has been the policy. And it’s been working well. But the result has been that the stuff I have been living with for the past eight-odd years is slowing disappearing.

This is where my two red chairs used to be.


This is where they are now.

This is where my CD’s used to be.


This is where they are now.


This is where my books used to be.


This is where they are now.


This is where my whisk, bean bag and mortar & pestle all used to be.

whisk1 beanbag1 mortor-and-pestle1

It’s like my life is slowly being disassembled.

I’m excited at the prospect of assembling a new life in London, it’s a chance to reinvent myself to a degree, but I am a hopeless hoarder (I’m getting better) and a sucker for nostalgia (hoarders love to reminisce) so letting go of my old Melbourne life is going to be hard. I have wonderful memories here and it’s a place that truly feels like home.

So, if you’re one of the lucky people to have received something of mine I’d love a photo of it in it’s new home. I’ll post follow ups to this entry showing where my stuff has progressively gone and continue to blog as I get closer and closer to moving over to London and my new life.

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6 Responses to “a life slowly disassembling”

  1. Mon Says:

    shall i send a pic of me and my gf in your bed…. hmmm?
    (see how many hits you get then)

  2. Lesley Says:

    How about if I send a self-addressed stamped envelope, will you send me something of yours? Then you can come visit it in Canada.

  3. Malcolm Says:

    It’s weird and exciting, count on the strangeness to stay.

    Does a picture of your stuff on ebay count? 😉

  4. themolk Says:

    Dude, welcome to the bloggosphere (well overdue!).

    It looks like everything is falling into place re: the move. I do like the “it’s yours if you want to come and get it” mantra. Sorts out the wheat from the chaff.

    I do feel your pain in getting rid of the clutter as a fellow hoarder. I would find it very hard to do the same now, but then I have a wife and 2 kids – which could in no way be included in the “it’s yours if you want to come and get it” deal.


  5. drettworlb Says:

    thanks for the support guys.

    All pictures welcome, except of my stuff on ebay!

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